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       Drawing is part of my life: I use it as a memory tool on which time has no influence. It gives me the strength to go where I would have never gone. It makes me become invisible, like a sign of a fleeting patient but forever present.
       They are captured images and set down on a paper right before they vanish, often set aside for a long period and then one day rediscovered. As an interior designer, custom-made projects are my predilection: they are my source of inspiration and comparison, my mean of expression thanks to the common denominator of passion. Those projects are interpreted as portraits born as the result of relationships not only influenced by characters but also by the places and cultures. This practice uses creativity and research to give shape and purpose to an idea. It is not just a matter of style or beauty- relatives concepts - but a personal way to combine aesthetics and practicality.
       Nowadays, we spend our time running without realizing that most of the time someone has already arrived before us. True luxury remains building his own refuge: a place where taking a break and enjoing the pleasure of intimacy and exclusivity, where being surrounded by whom we love and what contributes to the unique atmosphere that surrounds us and in which we recognize ourselves. To live life intensively without intellectual presumptions is a possible way.
       Adriano GARBARINO