"We travel the world
      so you don't have to"


Designer / To-the-Trade

We offer our designers the finest products and competitve pricing, with service found at no other showroom. From fabrics to logistics, we manage all aspects of our client's purchase process.

Hospitality & Contract

We offer specialized hospitality and contract services, with a wide spectrum of modern furnishings. We have helped our design firms and architects transform properties from 18 rooms to 35 stories. In 2013, we sourced product and provided logistics for 75% of the America's Cup Venues, Boutique Inns, VIP Luxury Suites, Live-Work Spaces, Internet offices, Internet Cafes and more -- on budget and on time!

Khrome Vantage

For the designer with a customer who doesn't want to pay for hours of shopping, we can help. Through our Vantage program, designers are offered regular round-table meetings and on-going conversations with our clients and vendors, and provided PDF presentations for you to use as you wish. We also will search for fabrics to send out CFA's, will get quotes on any of our custom lines, supply finalized shop drawings for special projects and of course offer contract discounts on project based jobs.